5+ Trailing & Hanging Succulents for Your Indoor Jungle

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From pretty heart shaped leaves to pearl shaped trailing vines that are so gorgeous they look like they can quite literally be worn as a necklace, there’s no shortage of succulents which trail and hanging succulents. Here’s your guide to the best of trailing and hanging succulents you’ll absolutely adore for your indoor jungle!

string of hearts flowers


String of Bananas

I’m sure that you’ve heard of the string of pearls, but what you may well not know is that there’s actually a wide array of trailing shaped leaves which are all just as beautiful as one another. As you may well imagine, string of bananas boast juicy succulents leaves which are shaped just like bananas!

String of Bananas

String of Hearts

One of the easiest to care for succulents, as well as one of the most beautiful, the String of Hearts (which is also known as the rosary vine) is easy to propagate and even easier to care for. A fairly fast grower in comparison with some other trailing succulent varieties, string of hearts comes in several different forms, including a variegated form (which is a little bit of a slower grower).

String of Hearts (Ceropegia Woodii): Care Guide, Propagation & Tips

String of Pearls

Of course, of all the trailing succulents, the String of Pearls is probably the most famous. A fleshy succulent with ball shaped leaves on its vines, the String of Pearls is a little bit of a tricky plant to grow and is so often too easily overwatered. Named for a British botanist, this pretty succulent is part of the Asteraceae family.

String of Pearls Care Guide (Senecio rowleyanus/ Curio rowleyanus)

String of Tears

Often confused with the String of Pearls, the two are not the same plant and should never be classed as such. The String of Tears is also known as String of Lemons or String of Watermelons and is known scientifically as the Curio herreaeus. Formerly, the vining succulent was known as Senecio herreaeus, while other nicknames for the String of Tears include Gooseberry Senecio thanks to its teardrop-shaped leaves. 

String of Tears/ String of Lemons Care Guide (Curio herreaeus)

String of Turtles

Truth be told, one of the easiest trailing succulents to care for, on account of it being one of the most forgiving plants to look after is that of the String of Turtles. A semi-succulent plant, this trailing plant is noted for its mottled circular shaped leaves. Known scientifically as Peperomia prostrata, the trailing vine is also sometimes referred to as ‘jade necklace’.

string of turtles succulent plant

String of Dolphins

So-called thanks to its leaves which are quite literally shaped like dolphins, the string of dolphins is a little rarer that the string of hearts or the string of pearls. Though it’s a little easier to care for than the String of Tears or the String of Pearls, the String of Dolphins often comes with a higher price tag.

The String of Dolphins is part of the Asteraceae family and does not actually originate from nature but is instead a hybrid of String of Pearls (Senecio rowleyanus) and the Candle Plant/ Hot Dog Cactus (Senecio articulatus). Both of these plants originate from South Africa.

String of Dolphins Care Guide

String of Fishhooks

As you may have gathered thus far, when it comes to hanging succulents there’s a huge array of leaf-shapes. The string of Fishhooks is known scientifically as Senecio radicans and is fairly easy to care for. It’s worth noting that, rather confusingly, String of Bananas is also known scientifically as Senecio radicans.


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