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5+ Outdoor Plants That Can Grow Indoors

Last Updated on March 25, 2021 by Sophie

We’ve all been there: wandering around a nice outdoor garden, admiring a plant, and wondering if we can indeed make that stunning plant thrive if we were to attempt to bring it indoors and grow that foliage as a houseplant. Here are a number of outdoor plants that can grow indoors!

Oxalis Triangularis (False Shamrock/ Love Plant): Care Guide, Tips & Propagation


Fatsia Japonica (Paper Plant)

One of the easiest outdoor plants that you can grow inside your home is the Fatsia Japonica. Known for its beautiful uniquely-shaped glossy leaves, the plant originates from southern Japan, southern Korea, and Taiwan. With this being said, the plant often survives outdoors in many harsher climates, and can be found growing across much of Northern Europe.

Of course, the Fastia Japonica can also be grown indoors, and I have one myself that’s been repotted and thrived in its time in my flat. Incredibly fast growing provided that it’s given the right light conditions and watering schedule, the plant can reach a staggering 5 to 8 foot tall and wide!

fatsia japonica


If you prefer flowers to foliage, then you should note that there are a number of pretty flowering plants which are often considered ‘perennial’ outside plants but which can actually be grown perfectly happily inside. Geraniums are known for their stunning flowers and prefer bright light, such as being placed next to a South facing window. The most common blooms are red, pink, and white flowers.



Yet another outdoor plant that can easily be grown in (yet again, provided that it is given enough light) is that of the fuchsia. The pretty bell-shaped flowers will bring a pop of colour into your home and are fairly easy to maintain (and in turn, pretty hard to kill!)

fuschia flowers

Herbs (Basil, rosemary, parsley)

If you’re like me and don’t have any outdoor gardening space, then there are plenty of herbs which can happily grown indoors, as long as they’re given bright enough light conditions. Parsley, rosemary, and basil plants can all be grown on a kitchen windowsill, which in turn makes it easy to collect some fragrant herbs with which to cook! For more inspiration, check out our complete guide to growing an indoor kitchen garden.

fresh chives


Begonias are praised for their unique and colourful foliage, which comes in all sizes, forms, and colours. In particular, the Begonia Rex varieties are particularly versatile and can easily be grown inside, as well as outdoors. Please note that Begonias enjoy particularly high humidity conditions, and so you’ll want to perhaps place your plant on a pebble tray or the like in order to maintain high enough humidity.

yellow begonia flowers

Oxalis Triangularis

Often considered to be a weed in many parts of the world, on account of how fast the plant grows (not to mention how easily it self propagates), Oxalis Triangularis makes for a stunning houseplant. I particularly love the purple variety, which will add a pop of colour to any indoor gardening collection.

Oxalis Triangularis (False Shamrock/ Love Plant): Care Guide, Tips & Propagation


Are you looking for more edible additions to your indoor gardening collection and have a problem with pests (in particular rabbits or slugs and snails) when you grow your plants outside? Well, luckily, lettuce is an easy to grow salad leaf which will thrive inside,

This is as long as the lettuce plants are placed alongside a brightly lit window and are watered often enough! Of all the outdoor plants that can grow indoors, lettuce may well not be the first one you think of, but it’s certainly one of the most useful!



Known for their beautiful and fragrant smelling blooms, Jasmine plants can easily be grown both indoors and outdoors. Provided that they get enough light in your indoor garden, Jasmines will reward you with sweet smelling flowers during the spring and summer months.

Hot Peppers

Yet another outdoor plant that can grow indoors (and that is also edible) are hot peppers! Perfect to grow in small containers and pots on your window sills or other brightly lit areas of your home, though hot peppers are typically tropical perennials, you can easily keep them alive for several years inside, provided that they are given adequate light, water, and fertilisation. Though they should be watered sparingly, it’s also important to note that hot peppers have a particular tendency to fall victim to aphids and fungus gnats.

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