Everything You Wanted to Know About Starting an Indoor Garden

If you’re looking to liven up your living space and wish to bring the outdoors indoors, then starting an indoor garden is the best way to go about this! And the best bit is that it doesn’t even have to be hard! Instead, there are a variety of methods, techniques, and plants that will allow you to start indoor gardening, even if you don’t have the greenest of thumbs…

Everything You Wanted to Know About Starting an Indoor Garden

Start small

The best way to gauge whether an indoor garden is best for you is to start small. Begin with a few easy to grow plants so as to see whether creating an indoor jungle is the right step forwards for you. Choosing easy to maintain low-effort houseplants is a great way to get started on your journey,

If you choose too many hard to care for plants, right from the get-go, then they are more likely to not thrive, and even die, and so thus more likely to put you off the concept of an indoor garden. I suggest starting with a small collection of 3-5 plants (succulents, a monstera, or a peace lily) to get you going!

Purchase an indoor gardening kit

Alternatively, if you want your indoor garden to have multiple uses, then you may well consider investing in an indoor gardening kit. There are plenty on the market, though I recommend starting out with a small herb garden for your kitchen windowsill which includes staples such as parsley, basil, or mint.

Some of the best outdoor plants that you can grow indoors include tomato plants (provided that they are given adequate space to grow, enough light, and plenty of fertilisation), lettuce (this truly does best on a brightly lit windowsill), and red hot peppers (which will provide you plenty of delicious peppers with which you can flavour your dishes).

Learn the basics of gardening in your home

Just as with maintaining a garden outside, there are a few key tips and skills you’ll need to know when starting your indoor garden, so as to provide the best possible growing atmosphere for your brand new plants!

The most essential things that you’ll need to know about are the basic essentials for growing plants; light, watering, and fertilisation (whether it be in the kind of soil you use or a fertiliser you add to the soil).

Each plant has its own uniques and wants, and in time, you’ll soon learn what makes each of your plants happy. Reading up gardening guides and watching videos on YouTube is a great way to begin to learn specific and individual plant requirements.

Purchase basic supplies to maintain your indoor jungle

After you’ve mastered the basics of houseplant keeping, you’ll need some tools to help you look after your plants. This includes a good soil mix for when you need to repot your plants, larger containers in which to repot them (make sure that all of your plant pots have drainage holes at the base to allow excess water to drain out and prevent root rot), moss poles for your climbing plants, and the like!

Everything You Wanted to Know About Starting an Indoor Garden/ tips and tricks for creating your own indoor jungle

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