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5+ Easy Care Indoor Plants That Will Leave Your Home Looking Beautiful!

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Between tough to follow watering schedules and strict pruning rituals, it can be hard to care for and maintain indoor plants, especially if you’re not so gifted in the green finger department! Luckily, there are some shrubs, plants, and flowers that are easier to look after than others. Here are 5+ easy care indoor plants and houseplants that will leave your home looking absolutely beautiful!

5 Easy Care Indoor Plants That Will Leave Your Home Looking Beautiful!


#1 Orchids

Truth be told, one of the very easiest houseplants to care for and manage is that of the orchid. Ideal if you have less than bright rooms (though almost all indoor plants require at least a few hours of at least indirect sunlight each day), orchids often only need watering every few weeks, depending on the warmth of your home. And with blooms that last weeks and upwards of a month, they’re sure to bring cheer into your home throughout the year!

pink orchid

#2 Succulents

If you’re looking for an easy to care for plant with minimal maintenance, then a number of succulents would fit the bill! Of all the easy care indoor plants, succulents require little water and can often be left for weeks, if not months at a time.

However, it’s worth noting that not all succulents are created equally and some definitely require more care than others! Easy care succulents you’ll find no trouble keeping include Echeveria, Haworthia, and Jade Plants. If you’re wondering how a succulent is defined, then check out my guide to ‘what is a succulent?

String of Turtles Care Guide (Peperomia Prostrata)

#3 Cacti

Though technically cactus is a variety of succulent, it’s still worth mentioning cacti as most varieties need significantly less water than other indoor houseplants, making them ever-so-easy to care for. Some of the easiest cactuses to care for (and you can often even pick up in your local grocery shop of garden centre) include Cereus, Ferocactus (which is sometimes also referred to as barrel cactus), and Opuntia (which are often called ‘prickly pears’).


#4 Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

So-called thanks to their beautiful foliage and white spathes, which many people mistakenly call flowers (these are truly easy to make bloom, even if you don’t have the greenest of thumbs!), in spite of its name, the ‘Peace Lily’ isn’t at all related to lilies at all!

One of the easiest indoor houseplants to care for, the Peace Lily can survive a little neglect and despite its constant thirst (I water this plant perhaps more than any other!), Spathiphyllum can handle lower light and lower water conditions.

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

#5 Monstera Deliciosa

Otherwise known as the ‘Swiss-Cheese’ Plant, this beautiful and big houseplant is characterised by its large leafs punctuated by larger than life holes. Despite its beautiful big appearance with glossy leaves that mature into leaves with fenestrations (i.e. that’s what the hole shapes are called), the Monstera Deliciosa is ever so easy to care for…

And dare I say it, perhaps thrives on a little neglect! Though the plant can be watered as frequently as several times a week during the summer months, if you forget a watering or two, the plant won’t wilt or die immediately, thus making the Monstera Deliciosa one of the best easy care indoor plants you could hope to grow. Another type of Monstera which is incredibly easy to grow is that of Monstera Adansonii which is more of a climbing vine and thrives in less than well-lit rooms.

Monstera Deliciosa

#6 Sansevieria

One of the easiest to maintain houseplants which can also quite literally grow up to four foot is that of the Sansevieria (though these semi-succulent plants have since been re-classed as Dracaenas). Easy to care for and requiring water just once every few weeks (and often even less during the winter), these plants are tolerant of lower light areas and are pretty easy to keep alive!

Sansevieria Masoniana (Whale Fin Snake Plant) Care Guide

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