What to Read Next: Books Similar to Everything I Know About Love

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If you’re a twenty or thirty-something woman, then you’ve undoubtedly been recommended to read Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton (read my Everything I Know About Love review here) by at least a handful of your closest friends. And if you loved the London-based memoir as much as we did, then you’re probably wondering what you should read next. Well, here are several books similar to Everything I Know About Love.

Books Similar to Everything I Know About Love


Ghosts by Dolly Alderton 

Though Everything I Know About Love was a non-fiction memoir, if you’re a fan of Alderton’s work, then you’ll want to pick yourself up a copy of Ghosts. The first published fiction novel from the best-selling author, Ghosts follows the story of a thirty-something successful blogger whose life is falling apart at the seams.

An easy read which can easily be finished in one sitting, it’s light-reading and relatable to those living through bustling modern day city life. Of all the books similar to Everything I Know About Love, Ghosts is probably that which is written closest to the narration style of the best selling memoir. Read my full Ghosts review here.

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Adults by Emma Jane Unsworth

A fictional book about a woman living in London in her mid 30s who seemingly has it all (her own home, a chic job, a handful of cool friends), Adults is a novel which explores our increasingly toxic relationship with social media.

You see, the main protagonist, Jenny McLaine, actually can’t afford her mortgage, is increasingly finding it difficult to maintain her effortlessly cool social media presence, and then her mother shows up on her doorstep.

All in all, this book is a must-read for those who enjoyed ‘Everything I Know About Love’. Readers should also note that Adults is sometimes also sold under the title ‘Grown Ups’ (though we haven’t yet managed to work out why the title is distributed under both names).

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Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney

Another book which is a fictional story but based on friendships, romantic partnership, and our societal obsession with ageing is that of Conversations With Friends by Sally Rooney, who also wrote Normal People, a novel which was recently transformed into a hit TV series.

Conversations With Friends follows the story of four people; two ex girlfriends (who remain best friends) and an older married couple. The story takes place in Dublin and, much like Everything I Know About Love, explores themes of what growing up and ‘becoming an adult’ really means.

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How to Fail: Everything I’ve Ever Learned From Things Going Wrong by Elizabeth Day

If you enjoy memoirs which teach the reader a lesson or something new, then Elizabeth Day’s book is for you. Inspired by her hugely successful and popular podcast, the book is all about growing up, dating, friendships, and the lessons we can learn from all of these things in our lives. Moreover, the book is about how to learn from your failures in an uplifting and positive manner.

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My Year of Rest and Relaxation by Ottessa Moshfegh

Set in NYC at the turn of the 2000s, the memoir-style fiction book ‘My Year of Rest and Relaxation’ follows the story of a young woman who should be happy with her life. She is wealthy and deemed beautiful by societal standards, a Columbia graduate, and has her own place in Manhattan.

However, as the story progresses, we learn about the death of her parents, her awful Wall Street boyfriend, and her toxic best friend, among other troubles in her seemingly perfect life. This is yet another book which examines ‘adulting’ and everything that comes along with it, as well as our expectations of what happiness should look like in today’s modern world.

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So Lucky by Dawn O’Porter

One of my more recent discoveries when it comes to books similar to Everything I Know About Love is the book ‘So Lucky’ by Dawn O’Porter. The plot follows the story of three women who seemingly have it all; Beth who is in ‘the perfect marriage’, social media celebrity Lauren, and Ruby who is managing a health condition which affects her self-esteem.

All three appear to have the ‘perfect lives,’ as deemed by societal standards, when in reality they are all struggling with their own personal problems and lives. The book is marketed towards anyone who ‘feels like they’re falling behind’ and its plot is meant to give readers an insight into that they may well be lucky to be themselves…

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Books Similar to Everything I Know About Love
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